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Causes Of Foot Pain, Foot Pain, Pain In Ball Of Foot

Causes Of Foot Pain, Foot Pain, Pain In Ball Of Foot

Why Do My Feet Hurt?
Atthe end of a long day, do you complain about your poor,aching feet? You?re not alone. More than 80 percentof Americans complain about their feet hurting at some timeduring their lives. Foot pain is the third most common ailmentafflicting Americans ? colds are the first, tooth decaythe second.

Blame Step Shock for Your FootPain
So, why do your feet hurt? Each step you take generates ajarring force 50 percent greater than your body weight. Wecall this painful impact ?step shock.? The averageperson walks as many as three to four miles everyday on hardsurfaces. Incredibly, the feet of a 165-pound man bear a cumulativeweight of 660 tons a day! Women who wear high heels endureeven more foot pain than men. That's because wearing highheels doubles the weight borne by the ball of the foot. Nowonder millions of Americans experience foot pain. Step shockhas been proven by sports medicine to be the leading causeof foot pain. Unfortunately, step shock doesn?t stopat your feet. The pain-causing shock waves travel upward intoyour knees, hips and back, which causes knee pain, hip pain,backache and back pain.

FootShox shock absorbing shoe insoles stop step shockand the footpain, heel pain, kneepain and back pain it causes.

Blame Worn-OutShock Absorbers for Your Foot Pain
No part of your body needs more protection from pressure andimpact than the soles of your feet. That?s the reasonthe skin on the bottom of your feet is thicker and denserthan on the rest of your body. The fatty pads on the solesof your feet are your natural shock absorbers. After enduringyears of step shock, your natural shock absorbers begin tothin and wear out. So, you suffer more foot pain as you getolder. You have to replace the natural shock absorbers onthe bottom of your feet after years of wear and tear ?just like you have to replace your car?s shock absorbersafter a certain number of miles.

Foot Shox shoe insertsreplace your worn-out shock absorbers and relieve foot pain,knee pain and back pain caused by step shock.

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